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Integrated PACS

We offer the opportunity to combine your image database with patient information using dental charts and our PACS service.

X-ray images can be taken directly with “Hammas” just by connecting the devices to your PC.
All images taken of the patient can be seen on their card, directly below dental chart. There is no need to open a separate program for taking or viewing x-ray images or photos.
Images can be measured, calibrated, zoomed and and so on. Pictures are available regardless of the location of the computer.  You do not need to buy separate servers to store pictures,  deal with backup systems and updates.
Using “Hammas” software, you will be able to take images with different devices (panoramic x-ray, interoral sensors) and other devices that support TWAIN.

Devices that are supported out-of-the-box are:

You can find more information from here:

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