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Cephalometric analysis


AudaxCeph is an integrated orthodontic software suite. An orthodontist can find the most easy to use yet sophisticated tools to manage patient orthodontic data, create deliverables. All changes in one module ripple through the system because of built-in associativity of the database. It is a wonderful tool for every day routine use, but also for research and treatment planning of most difficult cases.

AudaxCeph Essentials 499€

AudaxCeph Essentials is a software bundle which consists of modules that are essential for everyone who wants to do cephalometric analyses with a computer. It includes patient and documents management, analysis creation and analysis type creation. It is easy to use and it dramatically reduces the time required to make cephalometric analysis. AudaxCeph Essentials is flexible and highly capable tool with limitless possibilities in creating and modifying analysis types. Where other software fails or limits the use AudaxCeph Essentials offers solutions to the most difficult cases of analyses and measurements.
Whenever more functionalities are needed an upgrade to full option orthodontic software suite AudaxCeph Advantage is possible.

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AudaxCeph Advantage 1999€

AudaxCeph Advantage is a software bundle which besides all AudaxCeph Essentials functionalities employs also superimpositioning of any number of analyses and photographies, orthodontic and/or surgical treatment prediction and planning (VTO), orthodontic photography and reporting. It employs a single associatice database, which ensures that all the deliverables are automatically changed when a document changes.

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